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 Property Valuations Perth

Perth Property Valuations From $250 + gst

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Thanks for that! I will reply asap. Best regards from Dave Butler.


There are various ways to provide a valuation, and here are some:

                              ***   HomeBuilder Grant   $250 + gst   ***


                    Desk-top                                        prices from $250 + gst

                    Kerb-side / Drive-by                      prices from $250 + gst

                    Certificate / Short form                 prices from $250 + gst

                    Full report / Long form                 negotiable price




 The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is happy to accept my

Desktop Valuations for Capital Gains Tax, and Super Fund purposes.


  I value residential, retail, industrial, office/commercial, and rural properties, all with great expertise!


6 Good reasons to ask me to work for you:

  • I am a Senior Valuer, with many years experience.

  • I am the valuer who will do your valuation, and sign your report.

  • I am Western Australia Government Licensed Valuer LV44742.

  • I am Land Valuers Federation Registered Valuer 40650.

  • I am "price competitive", and will negotiate a fee to suit your budget!

  • I'm a good humoured guy who will make business a pleasure! "Service, with a smile"!

I service all of Metropolitan Perth:


and rural areas, by negotiation.


Fast turnaround!


Your residential report will be available 2 working days after your property has been inspected,

but even quicker if we agree on a "desk-top" report, (see below).



My Guarantee to You!


"I will listen. I will consider. I will discuss. My personal and careful attention will leave you well pleased".

And do you know? When one of my Italian clients read my guarantee, he said to his wife:

"I must call David, he's like a priest"!    Great! I love it!


When you call me, we will discuss which method will suit your needs.


For example, a simple valuation on a standard residential property, which you can describe to me both internally and externally, might be done as a "desk-top" report. The databases to which I have access are so detailed, that often it is possible to learn more about a property by sitting in front of my computer, than it is by viewing the property from the street. This is most relevant when I am considering the sales evidence that is to be included in your report.


Or perhaps we will decide that a "kerb-side" report is suitable. This can be the best way to do things when access to the property is difficult or impossible, perhaps because of an un-cooperative tenant, or maybe an estranged spouse on the warpath! Believe it, I've been in the business long enough to have seen the ups and downs of life! I remember the time that I was in the back yard with the wife, (taking notes about the landscaping and the pool), when the unsuspecting husband came in through the front door! Wow! Lucky the side gate wasn't locked!


Often, a "certificate" internal and external inspection will be the method agreed upon. The inspection starts inside the house, and proceeds from room to room, making observations about condition and standard of finishes and repair. Next comes the outside, to continue with observations and to take measurements. If the property is a unit, measurements are taken internally.


Some times, the "full report" is the preferred option. This is certainly the case when my valuation is to be presented to a court of law, or if there is the prospect of a dispute or litigation. Whilst the site inspection process is unchanged, the multiple page format of the report provides the reader with a more detailed description of the subject property and the sales evidence, as well as explanatory comments as appropriate.





Postal address:   PO Box 6497, East Perth, WA 6892.


Australian Business Number: 38 737 452 562




Back in the 1980's, I worked for some of the large real estate companies, including Knight Frank, and Colliers. But my personality and temperament is best suited to being my own boss, so before long I started my own valuation business. It's been a great pleasure to assist thousands of clients over the years, and today I am as enthusiastic about what I do as the day I launched my business.


Of course, the industry has changed substantially since that time, with technology and database access being aspects of the work that have brought in new processes and practices.


What has not changed about what I do, is the personal and individual service that I provide to my clients, which is why many of them have used my service multiple times over the years!​

                SERVICE AREAS

The Greater Perth Metropolitan Area.

Rural areas, by negotiation.


Reports may be sought for any of the following purposes:


  • Current Market Value

  • Retrospective / Historical Market Value

  • Deceased Estate

  • Specialised use​

  • Purchase and sale

  • Arbitrations and determinations

  • Rental levels and leasing

  • Easements and encroachments

  • Feasibility studies

  • Resumption and compulsory acquisition claims

  • Rating appeals

  • Building insurance

  • Security reports

  • Matrimonial / family law matters

  • Property Settlement

  • Capital Gains Tax

  • Superannuation Fund

  • Unit entitlements

  • A valuation done by me is classed as an "expert opinion", and is recognised by courts of law.


  • I am qualified to undertake valuations in all classes of property.


  • As a senior member of the Land Valuers Federation, I am bound by its Code of Professional Practice, Code of Ethics, and Rules of Conduct.

  • I not only provide an impartial and expert estimate of any real, leasehold, or landed interest, but discover, classify, and rate the separate influences which create, maintain, or diminish that value.​


  • I am completely independent from real estate sales and leasing commitments.


  • I participate in Continuing Professional Development programmes.


  • I work with speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

  • I am honest and trustworthy in all relationships


  • I am reliable in carrying out assignments and responsibilities


  • I am trustful and accurate in what is said and written


  • I am co-operative and constructive in all work undertaken


  • I am committed to accomplishing all tasks in a superior way.

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